Hikari (光) is the Japanese female pop singer, Utada Hikaru's 11th single and the 3rd track from her third album, Deep River. It was also used as the main theme song for the Japanese release of the Squaresoft and Disney Interactive game, Kingdom Hearts, and it's spin-off, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Released as a single on March 20, 2002, it debut at #1 in the Oricon charts.

Utada released an English version of Hikari entitled Simple and Clean, which was used in the North American release of the game Kingdom Hearts. It was the B-side of her 13th single, Colors. Though the two songs have the same melody, it should be noted that the lyrics and the message it conveys are totally different.

Composed: Utada Hikaru
Arranged: Kei Kawano
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru
Vocals: Utada Hikaru

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1. Hikari
2. Hikari (Planitb Remix)
3. Hikari (Godson Mix)
4. Hikari (Original Karaoke)

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